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Where it all started…

Phoenix Design Group started in July of 2007. I made the decision to go on my own after working for company’s that were all about getting the work in the studio and out as fast as possible. Being the OCD person I am I was not alright with providing the client with “good enough”, I needed to provide “awesome” to the client. I then knew I had to make the move to go out on my own. By being able to create that level of “awesome” for my clients I have managed to build a very successful business.

As any designer knows the learning curve is a constant as technology and software changes often. Keeping up with design trends, changes in how websites are constructed and the software training is countless extra hours. I am sure most people would not love the constant learning curve but I am that nerd and proud of it and I love a challenge. Why not learn all you can and be successful at it?

My designs are simple, creative and they have impact. Everything that is created here is custom built to suite each client’s individual needs. I take most of my inspiration from nature, color, shape, texture, it makes me very grateful for living in a place that allows me to experience all four seasons.

~ Jenn

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